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Everything Twins Hiking Twin Life

Writing and Self-Publishing A Children’s Book Using Kindle Direct Publishing

(This section written by Kristen) Katie and I have always played around with the idea of creating children’s books. Both of us (and our mom too!) have our own stories written out and even have some illustrations drawn up for different book ideas, but we decided now was the time to actually finish a started …

Everything Twins Twin Life

10 “annoying” questions you want to ask twins, answered by twins!

Growing up twins, we have been asked all sorts of questions. There is something magnetizing about seeing two people who look extremely alike. We get it! To this day, if we see twins, we coo and make a comment to whoever we are with, “OMG, look! Twins!!”, and you bet, if the situation allows we …

Baking In the Kitchen

The secrets that make up the world’s best chocolate chip cookies (& the full recipe!)

Learn how to make the best, chewy and soft chocolate chip cookies…ever! For as long as we can remember, any time our family had an event to attend, or we were having friends come over, or someone needed a sweet treat, our mom would bake chocolate chip cookies. These cookies have attended birthday parties, showers, …