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10 “annoying” questions you want to ask twins, answered by twins!

Growing up twins, we have been asked all sorts of questions. There is something magnetizing about seeing two people who look extremely alike. We get it! To this day, if we see twins, we coo and make a comment to whoever we are with, “OMG, look! Twins!!”, and you bet, if the situation allows we will ask them about themselves.

Everybody is different, but we have never minded answering the same “annoying” questions over and over again.  Find out the top 10 questions we get asked on the regular.

1. Are you twins?

Katie: Yes!

Kristen: Yes!

2. Are you identical?

Katie: The doctors couldn’t tell when we were born, but we looked identical until 10th grade.

Kristen: We don’t know if we are identical.  When we were born, the placenta(s) were too mixed up to distinguish if there were two sacks or one.  We have not been tested.  I think we have always played around with the idea of getting the blood test done to know if we are identical or fraternal, but a big part of me doesn’t want to know.  I think I would be sad if we weren’t identical…I don’t know why!  

When we were younger and all through jr. high, we look VERY similar.  As we have grown older there are definite differences.  Katie has always been a bit slimmer than me and had a longer, more oval shaped face.  I have always been a few lbs heavier and been the more curvy of the two.  I also have a much rounder face compared to Katie.

If we were fraternal, I would compare us to Mary-Kate & Ashley…they look crazy similar, but aren’t identical.

So, long story short, we don’t know!

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3. Who is older?

Katie: Me, by 3 minutes.

Kristen: Katie, by 3 minutes.

4. Were you born naturally or c-section?

Katie: C-section.

Kristen: We were premature and born via c-section.













Our beautiful mamma and us at 3 months. Kristen left, Katie right (we think…).

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5. What are your main differences to tell who is who?

Katie: As a newborn, I had a big lump on my head which was a dead give-away, but that went away. Our parents had our ears pierced as babies and I always had pink earrings and Kristen had purple earrings. My face has always been more long and narrow, while Kristen’s is more round. As we got older, our appearance has changed more and more. For our 16th birthday, we got our noses pierced on opposite sides. Once we were 18, we started getting tattoos which has helped people differentiate us. I think we look very different now, but even to this day people get confused.

Right after graduating college, we both moved to Orlando, FL for an internship working at Disney World. We had guests approach us on multiple occasions and ask how we got from Adventureland to Main Street and changed costumes so quickly. The first time it happened, we were confused before realizing the guest had seen our twin at the other end of the park.



Kristen: I touched on this above, but Katie has a longer and slimmer face and I have a very round face shape.  When we were babies (2 months old??) We had our ears pierced. Katie wore pink stud earrings and I wore purple.  My parents could tell us apart, but for the sake of everyone else, we lived in those earrings.  Also, as a baby, we have been told that Katie had a golf ball lump on the back of her head from the way she sat in the birth canal.  I have a little freckle on the right side of my nose that people also used to tell us apart.

6. Can you read each other’s minds?

Katie: Ha, I wish!

Kristen: Nope!  That would be cool though.  However, we do often think the same things at the same time. For example, just the other day, we were messaging at night and as I was typing out a story about my grandpa buying me eggnog for making lattes, she sent me a message about this new eggnog recipe she had been drinking with her husband this weekend.  It’s stuff like that that blows my mind!  We are very similar, work together and love the same things, so it isn’t surprising, but I love when things like that happen.

7. Do you feel when your twin is in danger or hurting?

Katie: Nope.

Kristen: No, but I have one VERY vivid memory from back when I was 16.  I was 100% convinced that my sister was not okay and I was panicking that something was wrong.  I was at the mall with a friend and I don’t even remember where she was, but we left to go see that Katie Was ok.  She was TOTALLY fine (which yay…but sorry to disappoint you, my intuition was wrong). 

8. Do you fight?

Katie: The only time we have ever fought was in high school. We would sneak wear each other’s clothes without asking and we would get SO mad at each other. Besides that, we have not had any serious fights.

Kristen: No? As kids, we used to physically wrestle and scratch the crap out of each other when we were mad. My mom later told us that she rarely interrupted though, because we always worked it out really fast.  As adults, I can’t remember ever fighting.

9. Have you ever tried to trick anyone by trading places?

Katie: Yes. When we were around 4-5, we were part of a church club called AWANAS. We told our leaders we had to go to the bathroom together and switched our sweatshirts (I always wore pink, Kristen always wore purple). Apparently we giggled and thought we were so clever. Our mom caught on immediately when she picked us up. We also tried again when we were in high school. I think it was in 9th grade and we switched classes for one period. We didn’t get caught but I was SO nervous the entire class!

Kristen: Yep!  Just a couple times to see if we could though. Once when we were toddlers at our church program, we went to the bathroom and switched our purple and pink outfits (matching of course still) the thing that got us was switching our hair bobbles out.  I am sure that is what gave us away!

The other time was in high school.  We switched classes for a day. There was really no point, none of the teachers noticed and it was dumb.










One of our many pink & purple matching outfits.

10. Are you friends?

Katie: Heck yes. It may seem cliche, but Kristen is my BFF. We talk on the phone at least once a day (usually more), and text/FB message all day. We live about 15 minutes from each other and hang out at least once a week outside of work. Oh yeah, we also work together for the same school district.

Kristen: Yes! We are best friends!  We do everything together, always have and probably always will.  We went to the same school, took mostly the same classes, went to the same college, majored in same thing, roomed together in college (and with our bro!), worked at DisneyWorld together, an eye clinic together, 2 school districts together and owned houses .2 miles from each other at one point! We talk every day and spend a lot of our free time together.  She is a built-in bestie! We are also very close with our brother who is 16 months older than us.  He also looks a lot like us and was mistaken for our triplet when we were young. 



Besties from birth.

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