DIY Fall Baby Craft
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DIY Fall Baby Craft

Happy fall y’all! What better way to welcome fall than a DIY fall baby craft? Learn how to make a festive “Welcome to the bumpkin patch” door sign that includes your baby’s precious little bum. This craft is fun, inexpensive, and could even be done with items found around your house.

DIY Fall Baby Craft Supply List: 

DIY Fall Baby Craft - Supplies

(Note: A lot of the items listed below may be substituted. I encourage you to dig through your craft drawers and garages and get creative!)

  • A board about 50” x 10” – I found a sign at Hobby Lobby on sale for $10 that I used the back of. You could also use a piece of common board from your home improvement store or maybe even your garage!
  • A big ribbon bow 
  • Faux foliage
  • 3D metal or wood letters (W, E, L, C, M, E) 
  • Letters to spell out “to the bumpkin patch)
  • Acrylic paint (orange, green, and brown)
  • Paint brush
  • Baby wipes
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • 10” rope
  • Staple gun
  • Pencil
  • And most importantly – your baby!

DIY Fall Baby Craft Directions:

Step 1: Prep the board

This step will vary depending on what type of board you are using and preference. I decided to paint my board with cream spray paint for a clean base. Next, cut a piece of rope about 10” long and using the staple gun, staple the rope to the back of the board creating a handle to hang the sign.

Step 2: Lay out your design

Before pulling out the glue gun, take some time to arrange everything on your sign to make sure the spacing is to your liking. Lay out your 3D letters to spell “Welc_me” vertically down the left side. Make sure to leave space for your baby’s bum print where the “o” would go. Using your pencil, mark where your baby’s bum needs to be, then remove everything off the board in preparation for your baby’s bum print.

Step 3: Make your bumpkin “o”

I would say this is the trickiest step because it involves your baby, and timing is key! I waited until my baby girl was nice and full, had just gone potty, and was almost ready for a nap. Lay your sign on an elevated surface like your changing table. Get your orange paint, paint brush, and baby wipes ready by your sign. After removing your baby’s diaper, paint their booty cheeks orange, then gently stamp their booty on your sign where you marked earlier. Immediately use the baby wipes to wipe their cheeks clean.

Once your baby’s booty print is dry, use the brown and green paint to add a stem and vines, making their booty look like a pumpkin.

*Optional: I added my baby girl’s name, month, and year under her little booty print*

Step 4: Start gluing!

Using your hot glue gun, glue down the rest of the letters to spell out “Welcome”. Glue down your bow at the top of your sign, then glue down the faux foliage to your liking. I ended up cutting down the foliage I purchased into smaller pieces that I tucked into the bow and around the letters.

Step 5: Add “to the bumpkin patch”

My sister is a Cricut master and graciously helped cut out letters for me to spell out “to the bumpkin patch”. We used pleather for all of the letters, minus “bum”, which we used a gold vinyl to really emphasize the “bum”. You can also use letter stickers, but I would suggest adding a layer of polyurethane on top of the stickers if you go this route so they don’t get ruined.

Since I used pleather, I used Mod Podge to glue the letters down.

That’s it! Now all that is left is finding the perfect place to hang your DIY fall sign. This was a fun little project for me to pick away over the last couple of weeks while my baby girl was napping and I love how it turned out! I look forward to pulling it out for many falls to come and remembering how tiny she once was.

DIY Fall Baby Craft