Reviewing the OX-HYDRA Pro 2
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Reviewing the Ox-Hydra Pro 2.0 Brake

I recently got my hands on the brand new Ox-Hydra Pro 2.0 Brake, which is a left-hand rear brake (LHRB) for dirt bikes. Find out what makes it unique and if it may be the right LHRB for you.

The Quick and Dirty:


My husband, Josh, installed the Ox-Hydra Pro 2.0 Brake on my bike. He said the install was quick and easy, and only took about 30-45 minutes to install.


I was pretty excited when we got the package and opened it. The lever is a sleek, flat black, and not bulky at all. It blends right in with the bike.

Responsiveness & Power

The response is 10 times better than other LHRBs my husband and I have tried out. It has a strong, firmer feel when engaging the brake, where other brands feel squishy and have little feedback.

Overall Impression

The Ox-Hydra Pro 2.0 Brake is quality. The install is easy, the responsiveness is unmatched, it is sleek, and not bulky. 10/10 recommend it to anyone in the LHRB market.

My Experience Riding with the Ox-Hydra Pro 2.0 Brake

Now that I have been riding dirt bikes for about 3.5 years (I average about 120/year), I’m finally figuring out my riding style. What works and what doesn’t, and what makes my rides more enjoyable. People have different opinions about making modifications to dirt bikes, but I say do what makes you happy. If a specific modification makes your ride more enjoyable, do it.

As a beginner rider, I rarely stood up while riding, spending a majority of the time with my booty glued to the seat. The nice thing about sitting is I can easily access my rear brake without thinking twice. As I have become more comfortable and confident on my bike, I find myself standing the majority of the time.  All riders are different, but for me, I find it hard to use my rear brake while I am standing, so I’ve gotten used to using my front brake and clutch to control my speed.

In the past year, my husband has tried out two other LHRBs, and after trying them out, I was pretty jealous. Luckily for me, Ox-Brake was kind enough to send me one of their new Ox-Hydra Pro 2.0 Brakes.

On the Trails: Round One

Initially, my main hiccup was remembering to use the Ox-Brake. I am so used to using my front brake and my clutch, so conditioning myself to use the LHRB lever was a little tricky. Another thing to note is that my clutch lever was now positioned quite a bit higher than where it normally sits, so I found myself having to consciously think about using my clutch when I needed it. 

I couldn’t give the Ox-Hydra Pro 2.0 Brake a full review after my first ride because I quickly found out that it needed to be adjusted. In order to get any stopping power, I had to squeeze the lever all the way. This still didn’t stop the bike, it just barely slowed me down.

BUT, this was a quick and easy adjustment. The plunger bolt just needed to be adjusted because the initial height was about 2mm off. 

On the Trails: Round Two

Now that the Ox-Hydra Pro 2.0 Brake was adjusted properly, my second ride out with it was a completely different experience. I could feather it to slow down progressively, or by pulling the lever in completely, lock up my back brake like nothing. We also adjusted the placement of my clutch lever making it much easier to access. 

Starting out the ride, I had to keep reminding myself to use my left hand to brake, but other than that, the brake worked perfectly.  My husband and I are not racers and aren’t super fast riders. We love really tight, twisty single track and super slow technical type terrain. The style of riding we do is complemented well with a proper left-hand rear brake. This is the 3rd LHRB we have used and this brake has the best feel, the best feedback, and takes little effort to lock up the rear wheel. We absolutely love it! 

I am overall very pleased with this brake, and look forward to many more hours on the trail using it. If you are in the market for a LHRB, don’t miss out on the Ox-Hydra Pro 2.0 Brake

If you are interested in purchasing one, use “diamond” at checkout to get a discount!

P.S. Follow me and my husband’s dirt bike adventures on Instagram @diamonddirtbikeduo for videos of the Ox-Hydra Pro 2.0 Brake in action and more fun dirt bike content.

Disclaimer: I did receive this product from Ox-Brake, but this is an honest, unbiased review.