The Adventure Twins Take a Hike

The Adventure Twins are ready to take you along with them on a walk through the forest…with a sweet ending!

The Adventure Twins go on a hike in the forest and discover their five senses:

✓ Sight

✓ Touch

✓ Smell

✓ Sound

✓ Taste

Join the twins on their adventure through the Pacific Northwest as they discover a sweet ending!

A book starring twins and written by twins is a must read.

★ This is a wonderful adventure story full of discovery and highlights the magic of the forest and relationships!  Perfect for young kids. ★

Available in paperback and e-book.

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Hiking & Adventure Logs

Your child can log their own adventures in ‘The Ultimate Kid’s Hiking Journal’. This is the ultimate kid’s hiking journal! Each ‘My adventures’ page has prompts to list the date, weather, trail name, location, first visit checkbox, start and end times, rating scale of 1 -10 trees, companions, conditions, foods and beverages eaten, something I smelled, something I tasted, something I saw, something I felt, and something I heard. There is also space for drawing on each spread.

This journal is full color, inside and out, with room to log 18 adventures! 

Available in the ‘Boot Edition’ and ‘Backpack Edition’ (see below!)

Remember all of your hiking adventures with this easy-to-fill-in format. This journal is complete with easy prompts and space to let out your thoughts. My Hiking Log is formatted with prompts including: date, location, weather, companion(s), what you ate, and more. In the back of the journal is additional blank pages for sketching or pasting photos from your hike of your favorite outdoor experiences. The interior is black and white with room to log 40 hikes.

About the Authors

Katie and Kristen

Katie Diamond and Kristen Fendley are Washington State University grads, born, raised, and currently living in the Pacific Northwest with their families. Growing up as twins and best friends, they share many similarities, including using their creative and sometimes unconventional ways to get the job done. This includes self-publishing their debut picture book, Adventure Twins Take a Hike, between changing diapers, chasing puppies, DIYing around the farm, experimenting in the kitchen, blogging, and going on adventures together.

Creating a Book - Behind the Scenes

Read the story behind the story of ‘The Adventure Twins Take a Hike’ and how we worked together to illustrate it here: