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Revolutionizing Bath Time with a Baby

The Otteroo

I remember before we had our baby, seeing an Instagram story my friend had posted of her baby wearing a blow-up ring around his neck and kicking around in the bathtub. This thing looked so goofy and at the same time, like a torture device. I had to know what it was. I found out it was called an Otteroo (thanks Google!). I tucked that in my back pocket and moved on with my life.

6 weeks – First Otteroo bath!

Fast forward a little over a year later when I now have my own baby and his favorite thing is bath time. He is happy, peaceful, playful, and excited all at once when submerged in water. The silly blue ring around my friend’s baby’s neck popped back into my mind during a bath session and I had to have it. I went on the Otteroo website but wasn’t completely convinced that I wanted to invest $35 in case my son ended up hating the thing. I checked Facebook marketplace next and saw one for sale from someone who lived relatively close to me. 

I ran out the next day and picked the Otteroo up off her porch, left her money under the doormat, and excitedly drove home. After a good sanitization of the product, I filled the bath as deep as it would go and then took our six-week-old and the ring to my husband to show him what we were up to.

Putting the Otteroo on the baby is a two-person job when the baby is still so young. My son was not very pleased about the contraption getting strapped around his neck at first, but the second he was submerged in the water, he instantly took to it. It was hilarious and adorable; his naked limbs wriggling all around and he had a big grin slapped on his face. He was six weeks at the time of the first Otteroo experience and he kicked around for nearly 15 minutes! Needless to say, he was pooped afterward and ate a ton, then slept long and hard.

Here are the pros and cons of this product after using it a handful of times:


  • Makes my baby happy
  • Frees up my hands 
  • Allows him to explore
  • Good exercise for him and he works muscles he normally wouldn’t
  • It’s the cutest thing ever
  • Teaches him about kicking


  • It takes two people to safely and quickly get the Otteroo on and off of the baby (I recently used the Otteroo now that my son is a week shy of 6 months, and was able to put it on and take it off by myself, now that he has trunk control. It is still much easier having help though!)
  • It can be nerve-wracking the first couple of times using it
  • Maybe I am slightly cheap, but I feel the price point is a little high at $35

He is always super happy to kick around in his Otteroo!

I am SO glad I tried the Otteroo for my son. It’s such an innovative product that allows as much satisfaction for the baby as it does the parent. This trying mama ten out of ten recommends!