Baby Gear

How to Take Advantage of Free Baby Items

When you get pregnant, a whole new world of freebies opens up to you! And there is nothing I love more than freebies! I tried to take advantage of as many free things as I could, because we all know by now how much money babies can cost.  Here are some of the ways to get free baby items (all of these sample boxes may vary):

Amazon Baby Registry:

My Amazon Baby Welcome Box

What do you get? A full size muslin swaddle, a onesie, a bottle, diapers and wipes, sample sizes of baby wash, lotion, nursing pads and coupons.

How do you get it?  You need to make a registry on Amazon, have $10 worth of items purchased from your registry and complete their checklist (tip: you can check the box by each category that you completed it, without actually adding those items to your registry)  Here is a list of FAQ’s about the welcome box: 

Walmart Baby Registry:

My Walmart Baby Welcome Box

What do you get? Diapers & wipes samples, a baby bottle, baby body wash, Aquaphor sample, monthly age cards and coupons.

How do you get it? You need to start a registry on and simple fill out the information and paste the registry URL into this form: 

Target Baby Registry:

The contents of my Target Baby Welcome Bag (after taking all the packaging off)

What do you get? Lots of sample sizes of different soaps, wipes and diapers, a full size portable changing mat, baby bottle, pacifier, sample of nipple pads, breast milk storage bags, and a stack of coupons.

How do you get it?  Start your baby registry at Target and the next time you go in the store, stop by guest services and ask for your welcome gift


A sample of one of the rebate checks. I used a rebate check worth $15 to get an 6-pack of shelf stable formula for free.

How do you get it? Sign-up for free on their website and samples and coupons will be mailed to you:

What do you get? Three small containers of formula and a load of rebate checks.  (I recently took one of the $15 coupons and picked up the shelf-stable formula bottles for completely free, to keep in my diaper bag for emergencies.  You can use the rebate checks anywhere Similac is sold, I happen to shop at Target.)

There are endless businesses that give free baby samples in hopes of receiving your business, these were the ones I chose were worth the effort for what I received.  It was exciting every time a box showed up on my door!  If you are already going through the effort of making your registries, you might as well reap all of the benefits.