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3 of the Best Swaddles for an Active Sleeper

As a new mom, and a mom who was definitely spoiled at her baby showers, I received countless different types of swaddles to try. I received so many that it got to a point where it was overwhelming and I wasn’t quite sure why one would be better than the other or what was going to work for us.

What we quickly learned is that our son is a lover of the swaddle and a master of escaping (as I believe most babies are). I had a stack of different swaddles that I would continually be rotating through, but my son kept escaping. Through a lot of trial and error, here are our favorite products for quality sleeping.

3 of the Best Swaddles for an Active Sleeper

Swaddle #1: Copper Pearl | Birth to 3 Months

Copper Pearl Swaddle (before mastering the art of wrapping)

From birth to 3 months old we fell in love with the  Copper Pearl swaddles  . We had been given one as a gift and brought it with us to the hospital because it had a matching hat (hello, cute photo op!) We weren’t really concerned with the functionality at this point (which is ridiculous looking back; this should have been our main concern).

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There is a definite learning curve that comes with the art of swaddling. Due to my c-section and immobility, my husband was the prime baby burrito wrapper. He enlisted the help of every single nurse that came on shift, and by the time we left the hospital, he was a professional swaddler. Me on the other hand? I hadn’t been able to get up from my bed, let alone change a diaper or wrap my baby in a muslin. So, when we got home, I was way behind on the learning curve.

I pulled out every swaddle we had been gifted. The fancy ones had velcro on different areas or velcro AND zippers that promised a straight jacket like quality for your babe. But, our son wriggled out of each one. I realized that the velcro, zippers, bells & whistles weren’t cutting it. But, the shear strength and the mastery of tucking fabric (and countless hours on YouTube tutorials) would be the claim to my success.

Copper Pearl Swaddle   – Our second purchase

In steps the amazing Copper Pearl swaddle. These swaddles come in so many stinking cute patterns, they are beautiful, gigantic, thin, and stretchy making it so that you can crank them down to get a tight and snug encasement on your little one. We Amazon primed a second swaddle  after we discovered our love for this product.

These swaddles are about $25 a piece. They worked like a light switch for his sleep until we hit the dreaded four-month sleep regression.

Swaddle #2: The Nest Bean | 3 – 4 Months

When our son hit his inevitable 4-month sleep regression (at around 3.5 months old) I needed a solution to help him sleep longer and decided to splurge on a new swaddle/sleep sack that kept popping up in my Facebook feed. A fail-proof way for our son to be soothed was my hand on his chest. The Nested Beancompany offered the perfect product to replicate this feeling because their swaddles and sleep sacks are lightly weighted on the chest panel.

Nested Bean Zen One Classic

I ordered the Zen One Classic sleep sack and then stared out the window in anticipation of the mail person delivering the promise of sleep. The swaddle did improve his sleep a noticeable amount and pretty quickly. Sometimes, when he was sad, we would zip him into his bean sack and it would calm him down instantly. It has a magical calming effect on him.

We love our Nested Bean sleep sack but needed an option for when it was in the wash and this is when I rediscovered The Ollie.

Sleepwear that soothes like touch | Nested Bean 

Swaddle #3: The Ollie World | 4 months – current

 The Ollie  was a swaddle gifted to me by a good friend who had loved hers for her son.


We had tried it from the beginning, but it is a velcro closure swaddle, and we weren’t enjoying those in the newborn phase. But, I decided to give it another go while the Nested Bean was being washed and quickly discovered that this thing was amazing!

Our son has grown so much and gets stronger every day, but still LOVES to be swaddled. He needed something that could hold his arms down and give him the squeeze that calms him so much. The Ollie was the one for the job.

This swaddle is made of a super stretchy material that is thick, but also super breathable and soft. You don’t need to know how to swaddle the traditional way either. It is simply a rectangle that you wrap around your child, just like you would roll up your tortilla. The velcro touchpoints are large (unlike a lot of the other velcro-closure swaddles we tried), so it would take serious strength to break free from this one.



All babies are different and have different preferences. The same goes for parents. You may not like what worked for us, but maybe you will! I would love to know what has been successful for you and your favorite swaddles or sleep sacks. Let me know in the comments below!

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