How to Take Baby-in-a-Pumpkin Photos

Trying to Take Baby-in-a-Pumpkin Photos without a Professional Photographer

I do not have the time, energy, or extra funds to hire a professional photographer to catch all the adorable photos I dream up in my head. But I DO have a creative mind, a camera phone, and an adorable subject! With Halloween just around the corner and the fall leaves coming down like rain, I took my opportunity to capture the sweetest pumpkin pictures of my son inside a pumpkin.

A week prior to taking these pictures, my husband, friends, and I had visited our favorite pumpkin patch at a family-owned farm where we picked our pumpkins. I made sure to choose a pumpkin that would have ample space for my 6-month-old baby’s booty to fit inside.

My husband loaded the 52 lbs of pumpkins we had purchased into the back of our car and we chauffeured them home.

Here the steps I took next to capture my baby-in-a-pumpkin pictures:

Cutting the top third of the pumpkin off.

1. Cut the top third of the pumpkin off in a straight line (vs. jagged like you would traditionally do when carving a pumpkin
Clean the pumpkin guts (making sure to save those seeds for roasting later on!)

2. Carve* a hole large enough to fit my baby’s adorable chubby thigh through. Make your hole as close to the base of the pumpkin as you can.Carve a matching hole next to this one about 1-2 inches apart.

*Make sure to cut the holes wide enough to accommodate your baby’s legs! Going big on these holes won’t hurt and the last thing you want to do is put your baby inside the pumpkin to find they don’t fit.

3. Set up your shot. For this, I laid a muslin out on the grass in front of a bush in my backyard and grabbed the additional pumpkins we had purchased from the pumpkin patch. Play around with your setup until you like how it looks. Experiments with different props (maybe a letter board or Halloween candy…the skies the limit here!) I chose to keep things basic with just the pumpkins.

4. Line the inside of your pumpkin with a thin swaddle or piece of fabric that you don’t mind getting dirty. This will put a barrier between your baby and the pumpkin’s insides.

Here is my test shot with the final set-up I chose.

5.Take a test shot WITHOUT the baby inside the pumpkin to make sure you like the lighting and set up. Make any adjustments you wish until you are happy with the result.

6. Dress your baby as you see fit for your mini photo-shoot. I chose to do long pants because I was worried about his skin reacting to the inside of the pumpkin, but this part is totally at your discretion. The pictures I have seen with naked baby legs poking out of the pumpkin are to die for CUTE.

7.Next, grab your little one and put them in the pumpkin. I shoved an extra blanket between his back and the pumpkin to keep him upright for photos.

8. Enlist the help of a partner or friend to entertain the baby while you click away with your phone or camera. My husband got the best faces from my son by dancing around like crazy behind me as I took pictures!

9. Take LOTS of pictures. Our babies are movers and shakers so you never really know if you got the money shot until you sort through the photos later.

Now, you should have a photo gallery of adorable pictures to choose from!

I loved the way my photos turned out and it was such an easy and fun project to set up for this mini-backyard-photoshoot. I am so pleased to have these photos to remember my son’s first fall and Halloween and my wallet is stoked to have not had to pay a professional photographer!

Happy pumpkin-photo-taking!